About Us

Well, I am a wanderer’s soul, so introducing myself through poetry.

“waqt ki qaid mein zindagi hai magar
chand ghadiyaan yehi hain jo aazaad hain
inko kho kar mere jaan-e-jaan
umr bhar na taraste raho”

Why do I like these lines? Because, as per the poet Kafiraana is an attitude, and the beloved. Kafiraana is Life- who carries unbelievable or unreal experiences, moments, at times, thoughts and choices too. But Life is trapped in the prison of time, with few moments, which is free. So please don’t lose it but live it. Let’s not have a life of regret. Hence carry this attitude, be a free soul and live a life you wish to.

Kafiraana has multiple meanings; I, as an author, here neglecting the religious significance used in Islamic terminology. The reason being the actual word is KAFIRANA derived from the Arabic word “Kafir”.

Hence, like the poet, I carry the same attitude of the beloved. Life is too short to wake up with regrets, so I travel and enjoy. I love my dear one and those who treat me right. Also, forgive those who don’t. Life is full of surprises, and you will be amused as well as revered. You can’t plan your beloved, but surely can embrace her, learn from her and share with beautiful souls.

So I carry my Kafiraana attitude, as I travel, meet people, learn & explore experiences of humanity, nature, even animal which is unbelievably deep and beautiful. I will pen another favourite song for Karifaarna, and you can explore my attitude, my learning, experiences, choices from my Kafiraana.

“Zindagi haan thode thode faasle thhe
Kuch tere kuch mere kyun darmiyaan
Zindagi haan thi jo shiqayaton ko
Kuch tune kuch main suljha liya
Tere isharon pe main chalta raha
Mere isharon pe tu bhi chal kabhi”





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