Christmas Celebrations: A tale about the Christmas Cake

“This is the Christmas season, so there isn’t any reason. We can’t dance the Christmas polka. Hear sleigh-bells ringing’ everybody’s singing and dancing the Christmas polka”- It’s one of my favourite songs since I was a kid. Wow – festivity is just around the corner, and it’s time to be happy. My favourite holiday season, and studying at convent school gave me the advantage to enjoy these holidays- with beautifully decorated houses, shopping and gift-giving ornamented tree, jingling music all around and above all the wonderful tasty treats. And those treats remind me of the question, “Is it Christmas for cakes or cakes for Christmas?”

Christmas treats

Well, either way, I can savour the plum or the fruit cakes, the pudding, the rum balls, the Mava cake, the poundcake the list goes on and on! I remember, like a child, I would long for the Christmas season to come along, so I get all the varieties of cakes from my friends and family. Some of my most beautiful childhood memories came from those celebrations, feasts and fun we had at school. My principal treated my sweet tooth with cupcakes and chocolate, a memory I treasure most every time I think of cakes.

Is it Christmas for cakes or cakes for Christmas?
Rum balls

Cakes are always appreciated when it comes to celebrating Christmas- did you ever think why? Although I never thought, it just popped into my mind today while I was indulging in a Mawa cake. Absolutely! Delicious. These cakes are not only the best memories with childhood, or the cheerful teens, but the new beginnings with the season always blend with the sweetness of the cakes. And also carves the perfect path to the heart by the belly.

Slice of Mawa Cake

The story and ancestry of Christmas prove that it has its roots in an English tradition. As the cake that is made today has initially been the plum porridge. I looked further into the history of Christmas cakes, or it’s well known as the Cake of the Twelfth Night (a cake cut on the twelfth and final day of Christmas), you’ll be surprised to learn that a delicious fruit pudding or fruit cake has not always been as good in the past. The recipe has changed radically since its humble beginnings.

Is it Christmas for cakes or cakes for Christmas?
Christmas history

Four or five centuries ago, there was today a deliciously rich and fruity cake in a very different form. It was a thick and meaty porridge, with a small treat of dried fruits, prepared on Christmas Eve to fill the hungry stomachs after a long day of fasting for the religious feast. This is interesting!

Is it Christmas for cakes or cakes for Christmas?
Christmas pudding

In the sixteenth century, oatmeal was withdrawn from the original recipe, and butter, wheat flour and eggs were added. These ingredients helped to keep the mixture together and in what turned out to be a boiled plum cake. The more affluent families who had ovens began to make fruit cakes with marzipan, a paste of almond sugar, for Easter. On Christmas, they started making a similar cake using dried fruits and seasoned spices. The spices depicted the exotic spices of the East brought by the Sages. That cake became known as “Christmas cake.” Quite! An origin.

Is it Christmas for cakes or cakes for Christmas?
Plum cake

There were few traditions followed called the ‘Stir Up’. This is generally related to cake making only. One such traditional practice is to prepare the cake a month in advance, and then on a beautiful Sunday before Christmas add alcohol such as cognac, sherry to the cake. Another one is to cover a sponge cake with frosting and garnish with strawberries or chocolate. Or even make a chocolate-coated Swiss roll that would resemble a wooden log.

Stir -Up Christmas Log Cake

Different countries, we would find a whole new conception of the recipe and unending versions. With time, varied culture, families have added a touch of their personality and contributed to this significant variation of this world of cake.

Frosting & Decorating the cake

Hence cakes are appreciated when it comes to celebrating Christmas. And it is merely impossible to be mistaken with this option. In a way, you can make the holiday season even sweeter by opting for cakes like presents. Whether you choose a traditional or decorative cake, the perfectly wrapped and edible cake is pleasing to look at and delicious to eat.

Is it Christmas for cakes or cakes for Christmas?
Pound Cake

If you are out of patience or time to make a homemade cake, quality cakes can be purchased the store. You may find many different varieties and flavours. Besides, sending cakes as a Christmas gift is also considered a means to make the recipient feel important and precious. So, let’s play the Cake Santa this season. And enjoy the question yet in my mind-” Is it Christmas for cakes or cakes for Christmas?”





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